Sustainable. Silent. Resilient.


In 2015 we started our journey with researching sustainable alternatives for petrol-based boat engines. Because, as we see it, in the near future boating has to become more environmentally friendly: it will need clean and silent propulsions. Better for everybody.

We started small, did numerous experiments, learned what did not work, became hardheaded and learned what did work. Putting it all together in 2020, we decided to move ahead with a rim-driven thruster.

In the coming years, we will mature the technology, make it ready for the market and build the team that is up to the challenge.


Sustainability is composed of three pillars: profits, planet, and people. On the basis of a viable business model, we manufacture and deliver products that are good for the environment and impact the life of people positively.


By researching and building a rim-driven thruster, we acquired a wealth of knowledge about electric motor and making it perform superbly. Our R&D center has many ideas to use this knowledge for other applications and we are open to discuss these.


The technology from our rim-driven thruster is based upon an electric motor and brings the following:

  • It is green, it is sustainable. With our propulsion, you can replace your internal-combustion engine with a cleaner alternative.
  • Our solution is silent. Above the water and underwater. Better for humans and nature.
  • A shaftless propeller helps to avoid that dirt in the water blocks the thruster.
  • Easy mounting to your boat. Basically it isn't much more than attaching the thruster and connecting the cables to the batteries.
  • Although we are still researching and experimenting, the results are such that high-power solutions look feasible.
Sustainable development is the pathway to the future we want for all. It offers a framework to generate economic growth, achieve social justice, exercise environmental stewardship and strengthen governance.

~ Ban Ki-Moon ~

Our Team

We are an enthusiastic group of people that wants to make a difference. Exploring new ways and improving how things work is part of our nature. Check the videos below for some insights about what we are doing.


You want to make a difference and do you like uncharted territory?

Insumo is looking for bright minds with an entrepreneurial spirit. We are searching especially for high performing professionals with a degree from a technical university.

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